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adult circumcision devices - Muslim girls sucking circumcised cocks #2

May 26,  · May 26, (Washington, DC) — A simple disposable device, known as PrePex, can be used to effectively circumcise male adults without anesthesia or a sterile environment and with no blood loss. Dec 22,  · Imagine: No more embarrassing doctor visits, waiting rooms, or appointment times—and, more importantly—no more foreskin!That’s right. We’re talking DIY circumcision in the privacy of your own home with our very own Bunny Ears-brand Adult Circumcision Kit. For a mere $, you can say goodbye to that pesky flap of skin on the end of your dong for good.

PrePex, a non-surgical adult male circumcision device that was invented in , might be the one thing that could help Africa reach that 20 million . Sep 09,  · Innovations in adult male circumcision, such as devices, have the potential to make the procedure easier, faster, and safer to perform in a wider variety of settings. Alternatives to conventional surgery may also influence the acceptability of the procedure among men, their partners, and the parents of uncircumcised youth and infant boys.