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Some good bars and clubs to go to in Itaewon are Boombar, B One, Soap and Glam Lounge. These are known to be great expat pick up bars for the girls that want sex with foreign men. Lastly you can try out Gangnam which is the trendy nightlife district. Seoul Nightlife: 3 Top Clubs in Gangnam. Seoul. Clubbing in Seoul. If you’re looking to sample some of the best nightlife in Seoul and you're wondering where to go, you should definitely hit the clubs. The club scene in Seoul has a vast array of choices but there are really only two sides to it - Hongdae and Gangnam.

The best area in Seoul, predominantly for its nightlife is the Gangnam neighborhood as the area is widely perceived as ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’. The area is the most trending one in the city and is frequented by some of the most famous K-pop personalities, movie stars, business tycoons, and the hottest women you could find in the entire city. In Seoul, club goers dress to impress and there's usually a free drink included in the entrance fee. Hongdae clubs are known for their younger university crowd, the clubs in Gangnam and Cheongdam clubs are mostly frequented by working professionals and international club-goers and finally - the Itaewon nightlife scene is famous for it all due to the mixed crowd of foreigners .

Club Syndrome is one of the biggest basement clubs in Seoul. It has a main DJ deck in the front, a dancefloor, a pool, and a well-stocked bar at the back. A VIP lounge with an attached balcony occupies the top floor, where you can enjoy a view of the dancefloor below. Club Syndrome attracts trendy youths, expats, and electronica music fans in Gangnam. Booking clubs: In addition to conventional clubs, Seoul also boasts a number of booking clubs, where young people go to meet casual hookups. Usually entrance is only permitted to those 30 years of age and younger, and bouncers try to keep the ratio of men to women fairly equal.