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Mar 20,  · Easter is almost here, and people across the country will be celebrating by eating Easter eggs, taking part in Easter egg hunts and spending time with their families. You may also want to impress your friends and family with a few egg-stra funny Easter jokes. Or you might want to have a laugh trying out some Easter and egg themed puns. How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape? He does lots of hare-obics. What did the Easter Egg say to the other Easter Egg? Have you heard any good yolks today? Why wouldn’t the egg take a hot bath? He didn’t want to be hard boiled. What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear? 14 carrot gold. What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite type of music? Hip Hop!

Feb 16,  · Aldi Supermarkets is bringing out an exciting Easter treat for adults, a hot cross bun flavoured gin infused with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger flavours, available for only $ Mar 27,  · Take Easter into your own hands by hosting your own party. Switch up your old traditions, start new ones, and make Easter a big part of your .

Easter Egg Love Notes for the Hubby! I never know what to get my husband for Easter. This year, however, I found a fun little idea that can be ready within minutes! While on Pinterest, I stumbled across a simply fabulous idea from Happy Home Fairy. She created Easter egg notes to put in her husband’s Easter . Mar 18,  · Since candy is particularly popular in Easter baskets, you can include his favorite sweets or, to make it more adult, you can include miniature bottles of his favorite booze. If your man is into fashion like mine, you can also include his favorite accessories.

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