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According to Wikipedia, "The hosts file is a computer file used by an operating system to map host names to IP addresses." That is, the host file is the one that your computer uses before it scans external DNS servers for identifying the ip address of a domain name. 10 Best Free Adult Hosting Providers in Updated: 30 July You’re looking for free adult hosting, so I will assume that you are a complete beginner that wants to create his or her first adult .

pornhosts -- a consolidated anti porn hosts file This is an endeavour to find all porn domains and compile them into a single hosts to allow for easy blocking of porn on your local machine or on a network. In order to add this to your machine, copy the hosts, and add it to your hosts file which can be found in the following locations. The hosts file is a simple text document checked by your computer every time you connect to a domain name, meaning you can use it to redirect requests to sites you’d rather your computer not .

A Hosts file is a file that almost all computers and operating systems can use to map a connection between an IP address and domain names. This file is an ASCII text file. It contains IP addresses. A "hosts" file is a list of sites your computer is not allowed to connect to. A PAC (Proxy Access Control) file is a set of rules defining what type of content your web browser is not allowed to view. When used together, these files act like a wall, blocking where your computer is allowed to go on the Internet.

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