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"Adult Lambo" Lambo is a 5-year-old hitman who originally came to Japan with the intent of killing Reborn. He is a spoiled and cowardly child who takes candy from everyone; it has been said that he never brushes his teeth. HD remake: very short AMV about this epic fight with an epic pg, 25 years old Lambo. The song is Tsuna Awakens.

Adult Lambo from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Adult Lambo (request, was posted by CycilaNightton. Levi A Than charges forward and mercilessly beats Lambo with a Parabola. Lambo uses the Ten-Year Bazooka and summons up the fifteen-year-old Lambo. The older Lambo, determined to defeat Levi A Than, uses Thunder Set. The older Lambo charges at Levi A Than with his Elettrico Cornata, but is stopped by Levi's Levi Volta. Just before Levi A Than can finish Lambo off, the older Lambo uses the .

Adult Lambo's catchphrase is "Yare yare" ("My oh my"), which he says before he acts. He has a habit of saying "e gamo ne," "monya m," and "damone" at the end of his sentences. He likes to speak in third-person, just like Haru. He is nicknamed "Aho-ushi" ("Stupid cow"), by Gokudera. Lambo has a deep connection with Tsuna's mother. When Adult Lambo uses the Ten-Year Bazooka, he transforms into his year-old self. This version of Lambo is seen as having much more discipline, strength and intelligence than of his past selves, even being capable of almost easily defeating Leviathan during the tournament in the 5-minute effects of the Ten-Year Bazooka.

You put one end of the pocky stick into Lambo's mouth and you bit the other end. Now it was Lambo's turn. He bit a bigger bite than you did. Pouting, you took an even larger bite. Lambo took an even bigger bite. Not wanting to lose, you took an even larger one. Before long, the two of you were only two millimeters apart. Aarron Lambert, a controversial man that provokes the system and inspires the public. A cinematic documentary that follows the struggles and successes of a voice that must be heard, from childhood through to adult life. A gritty reconstruction of a prison sentence, a life against the system and a .