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Now it is your turn to join in and help out. Choose and play from our large category of hospital games. The games are fairly easy as you will be guided through the whole process. Different operations require different steps and procedures. Our games document these steps of different operations and present them for the user in a soothing manner. Medical-surgical nursing is known as the foundation of nursing practice. Nurses practicing under this title are concerned with the care of adult patients who are in a broad range of medical .

Learning Nurse has hundreds of nursing games and thousands of questions for you to practice on. The coverage is impressive as it has questions about Anatomy, Pharmacology, Histology, Diseases, Medical Abbreviations, Dosages and so on. The site employs different strategies for the games, making learning fun and engaging at the same time. This is a short parody game of OW that I plan to expand in the future and create more short games with different characters. This chapter is starring "Merci" performing a medical examination on the OW recruit. It contains 4 endings and 3 H scene, depending on your choice.

Philips Medical Games Learn the difficult medical concepts through interactive challenge games and quiz. Some games included CT scan challenge, skull anatomy, Doppler, vascular and abdominal ultrasound quiz, vascular procedures and pharmacology quizzes. Think of this game as a medical word Wheel of Fortune. Medical Cyberworlds: Medical Cyberworlds is a startup in the process of creating an online multiplayer game to train doctors to communicate more effectively with their patients. Dr. Fred Kron, the founder and CEO of the company and Noah Falstein, the lead designer realize the challenging.

Move all of the text pop-ups into the corresponding boxes to finish the quiz and win the game. The Philips Learning Center continues to explore new ways to maximize the use of online learning. Here you will find over free medical games. Test your medical knowledge and skill using a variety of mind stimulating games, quizzes, puzzles and. Disaster Preparation and Recovery. Disaster Master (Department of Homeland Security); Drug Use and Addiction. Drug Use and Effects (National Institute on Drug Abuse); Drugs and Young People. National Drug and Alcohol IQ Challenge (National Institute on Drug Abuse); Test Your Knowledge (National Institute on Drug Abuse).