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Abonniere den YouTube-Kanal von [adult swim] Deutschland: penetrat.xyz?add_user=adultswimde Besuche die Website von [adult swim. After this segment was aired, Adult Swim created a t-shirt with this logo on it. Since this sketch originally is from season 2, it's the only sketch from one of the Star Wars-specials that is also available uncensored. In the skit, Vader claims to have been "flying around for 2 weeks trying to get a signal".

SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: penetrat.xyz timeless Sith goofs. FACEBOOK: penetrat.xyz: penetrat.xyz One such sketch from the second season in featured Palpatine receiving a collect call from Darth Vader informing him of the Death Star 's destruction, shortly after the conclusion of A New Hope. The sketch was pitched by Doug Goldstein (with Palpatine originally portrayed as a Bob Newhart -esque character) and rewritten by Breckin Meyer.

May 26,  · Darth Vader calls the Emperor. From Adult Swim, Darth Vader calls Emperor Palpatine to break some bad news. Fans of Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" and the Star Wars movie franchise won't want to miss this collection of 30 sketches. This hilarious compilation features an array of skits -- such as "Darth Vader's Collect Call" and "Inside the AT-AT" -- as well as the incredible voice talents of Hulk Hogan, Malcolm McDowell, Conan O'Brien and even the original Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill/5(K).