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Aphonopelma chalcodes - Wild Caught - Arizona Blonde Tarantula $ - $ $ - $ Aphonopelma gabeli - Captive Bred - Chihuahuan Grey $ - $ $ - $ Aphonopelma madera - CB 1/2" - Madera Canyon Tarantula $ $ Aphonopelma seemanni - 4" - 5" - Costa Rican Stripe Knee. Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Theraphosa leblondi DESCRIPTION: We have some nice "Large" Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas available. MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Up to 12" DIET: Insects or other small animals such as baby .

Formerly known as Grammostola aureostriata, Grammostola pulchripes or the Chaco golden knee tarantula is a popular beginner species. Dark in appearance with pink "hairs" and yellow striping on their knees this remarkably stunning tarantula can grow quite large for a Grammostola, I have had specimens nearly 8 inches in legspan! Goliath Arachnids is a Texas based tarantula breeder and online retailer. At Goliath Arachnids, tarantulas are more than just spiders. We have unsexed, sexed, and beginner species of tarantulas for sale.

38 rows · Shop Tarantulas. Arachnoiden News and Updates. The next ship day will be . 7 x 7 x 11" Adult Tarantula Cage - Complete Arboreal Kit. Free USPS ground shipping included in the price!Main photo - Complete arboreal shown with an adult f.. $ More Info Add to Cart. Acanthoscurria geniculata (Brazilian giant white-knee) 3/4"+ These well started 3/4"+ slings are just starting to show adult color!.

Micro Wilderness is dedicated to providing the best exotic animals, especially Tarantulas, to the fan community. We have breeds from all over the world, new world and old world tarantulas. We offer a live ship guarantee for all animals. We hope you'll consider shopping with us! Tarantulas for Sale. We have a wide variety of exotic tarantulas for sale. Included species are the Goliath Bird-eating, Cobalt Blue, Gooty sapphire, Mexican redknee, and many others. These are fascinating arachnids, with some reaching mammoth sizes. When you buy a tarantula from us, you automatically receive our guarantee of live arrival.