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Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are getting the Barbie treatment. The dolls are "for the adult collector," according to Barbie's website. They have yet to hit toy store. Sex Appeal: Pop this ovum-shaped stone into your vagina, and Kegel your heart out to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your orgasms. (It can't get lost inside you, but you can buy one with a cord attached for easy retrieval.) Satisfaction Level: "I spent 15 minutes a day flexing my muscles (while watching 30 Rock on the sofa) and noticed more control after less than a week.".

conversation—leaving you scrambling for some explanation that isn't "it was my sex toy." Or, you've already got drawer full of satisfying options and you're having great, intimate sex (lucky you!), but want to have a solo masturbation session . Everything she always wanted to know about sex toys and wasn't afraid to ask Hilda Hutcherson, MD. Our intrepid columnist gets the buzz. This month I'm giving readers a choice: We can either (a) discuss the possible privatization of Social Security and its impact on 21st-century macroeconomics or (b.