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Adult Unicycles We have a great range of good quality learner unicycles suitable for beginners. Our recommended age is only a guide. The most reliable way of getting the right size unicycle is to measure the rider’s leg inside length. Off-road unicycles have to be very strong and generally have bigger wheels and longer cranks. The wheel size can vary with 24" for technical Muni and jumping, and 26" and 29" for covering greater distances. Unicycles with splined hub and cranks are much stronger than cotter-less but can be more expensive and heavier. Giraffes.

With that said, certain types of unicycles fall within different size ranges depending on the type of riding. Youth or beginner unicycles typically measure 12 to 16 inches. The most popular size for adult beginners is 20 inches. Competition, muni, commuter, and racing unicycles are . Unicycles are a great way to get a low impact workout while improving balance. These unicycles are ideal for adults looking to learn the basics of mounting and riding. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, the sturdy construction of these unicycles allows you to continue enjoying them for years to come.

Mon-Fri 9ampm EST LIVE CHAT Mon-Fri 11am-5pm EST JVL Court, Suite , Marietta, GA, , United States [email protected] A mountain unicycle, or Muni, is a sturdy unicycle built with a rugged tire, longer cranks, and a more heavily padded seat. Many of these unicycles also feature a hand brake or mounts to add a brake to make your unicycle easier to control on trails, especially while moving downhill.

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