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Sep 04,  · 4 Rules for Adult Children Living at Home. by Tina Drakakis. September 3, Updated February 5, SHARE ‘Tis the season to be jolly, if you’re many a mom anxiously awaiting the Back-to-School routine. But not every mom is doing a happy dance, so beware the weeping women in the backpack section at Tina Drakakis. Understand that your adult child living at home not only bothers you, but it likely bothers him as well. He might not want to be in a dependent situation. He might have expected to have a job and be on his own by now. Or, and this is common, he may be seeing his peers succeeding while he isn’t.

Create your sanctuary that you have control over. Even if it's just a shelf, your bed, or your own room, you can keep your space exactly how you like it. Recognize that the feeling of comfort you feel in your space may, inexplicably to you, be the same feeling your . Setting clear parameters at the outset of a new living situation will help prevent your child from overstepping boundaries or overstaying their welcome. “Clearing the air now can prevent miscommunication later,” says U.S. News and World Report finance expert Gary Foreman. 2. Respect your kids’ choices and independence.