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Adult Protective Services - Investigates complaints of abuse and the provision of services for adults who are abused, neglected, or exploited. More Information Adult Services - This program provides services to maximize self-sufficiency, prevent abuse, neglect, exploitation, inappropriate institutionalization, and assist with appropriate. Feb 14,  · AD STAUNTON - The victim in an Augusta County adult abuse case was found in with bedsores that covered his entire back. The mattress he slept on was soaked in urine, feces and blood, and it was surrounded by trash.

Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse Seniors May Be More Susceptible to Financial Exploitation Social isolation, loneliness, bereavement, alcohol or drug abuse, dependence on others, mental illness or depression are some of the conditions that can make senior citizens susceptible to exploitation and scams. © Augusta Adult and Community Education 33 Union Street, Suite 2 • Augusta, ME • • [email protected]