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Cognitive behavioral therapy. Biofeedback, also called neurofeedback, is a method that tries to retrain the activity levels in your brain. A technician puts electrodes on your head to monitor your brain waves. Through a series.

Apr 10,  · An EEG biofeedback protocol directed at suppressing theta activity (4–8 Hz) over the midline regions is probably the most effective strategy when treating primarily symptoms of distractibility and. Jul 11,  · It’s one of several approaches to managing ADHD that Ellison, an adult with ADHD, describes exploring for herself and her son, Buzz, who also has ADHD, in the book. My interest piqued, I researched neurofeedback online and read a book about it from the library. Then I ran the idea by Natalie’s psychologist, Dr. Kay Marner.

Neurofeedback is the primary biofeedback modality for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A large amount of studies can be found in review articles by Arns, Heinrich, and Strehl () and by Micouland-Franchi et. al (). The early term of EEG biofeedback has been updated to be called neurofeedback in most publications.