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Sep 15,  · 15 Things Not To Do With Someone With Borderline Personality. I have spoken to many parents who are perplexed by their daughter’s over-reaction to a simple request or a perceived slight. The. Mar 07,  · No matter how hopeless it may feel when you have an adult child with Borderline Personality Disorder, remember that there is BPD treatment out there that can help both you and your child get the support you need.

Oct 02,  · The Borderline Daughter Symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD) become most prominent during the phase of adolescence where young adults are supposed to seek independence and autonomy. Oct 23,  · if your daughter is truly borderline, grandchild or not, they are normally so erratic and unpredictable that nobody can really have a normal relationship with them long term. They are too volatile and unstable and often lack empathy and can be cruel. Some even show rage and violence.

Jul 20,  · His adult daughter has serious problems regulating her emotions and still has tantrums in her mid 30’s. The son is a whole different ball game. While his father is a textbook BPD, the son is a textbook NPD on steroids! Feb 19,  · I have an adult daughter who has BPD. She will be 25 soon, and is not in contact with me since for over one year now. She has fabricated phony accounts of my having abused her to others so they will take her in out of pity and there she'll stay until something happens to sour her and time for her to move on to another home or family or situation.

Aug 11,  · I have three children, two difficult: a 37 year old borderline adult daughter and an oppositional 31 year old adult son. I let my daughter move back in, in the past, but it did not change her and it stressed me out a lot. My son can be very intimidating, so when he got out of prison, I refused to let him move in. It was the right choice. The best way to deal with an adult child with BPD is to get them the help and support to undergo intensive psychological help to retrain their brains about how to interact appropriately with others, learn self talk that promotes mental health, and keep them safe by making sure they have food, clothing, and shelter.