THIS IS WHAT A SLUT LOOKS LIKE - what does cum yaste like


what does cum yaste like - THIS IS WHAT A SLUT LOOKS LIKE

Nov 21,  · Semen is a sweetener, but most girls say it's kind of salty, sometime depending on certain foods a man eats a bit of the taste can go to a man's semen. Nothing will happen if a guy drinks his own. The answer is well, it depends on who you ask. It turns out, people have some very different interpretations of what that bodily fluid tastes like. Cosmopolitan asked 11 women to describe the flavor of semen, and here's what they had to say. CLICK HERE TO HAVE MORE FUN IN THE BEDROOM.

Cum tastes different every time. It really depends on the diet of the guy and what he ate on that day. Apparently it has something to do with it. Cum has different taste. The pre-cum, taste salty, and the actual cum can taste either sweet or bitter. It's partially thick and gooey, so . A change in semen taste may be less directly linked to certain particular foods, and more so about how one’s diet affects the way they metabolise, react to, and excrete food.

Semen, or seminal fluid, doesn’t always smell the same. Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part. Certain foods. Semen is typically whitish-gray in color with a jelly-like texture. This can vary slightly depending on your genes, diet, and overall health. Use this chart to find out what yellow, green, brown.

Of course this is a very tricky question – as the taste of semen varies greatly which makes it hard to definitely say what cum “should” taste like. While there are many different flavors associated with the taste of semen, in general the taste of semen is slightly . Although semen flavor varies from one person to another, it’s generally warm and salty with a slightly chlorine-like smell. While there aren’t any research-backed guidelines, proper hygiene.