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In this Harry Potter porn game you play as Sanders, an ex-Auror who has recently accepted the job of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts now that the Carrows are gone. Hermione Granger, newly appointed Head Girl of Gryffindor, is looking for ways to obtain enough money from the students and teachers to help rebuild the castl. Jan 28,  · This story follows Harry's young formative years, discovering his body and his daddy's, having regular and extreme amounts of sex, and being introduced to a whole new world and community of people. Warning: Harry is 5.

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Harry smiled as he was presented with the most perfect breasts that he had ever seen. They were pale like the rest of her skin, and large. They felt heavy in his hands as he groped and squeezed them. They were topped with perfect, little pink nipples. Fleur moved her breast until her nipple was against his lips. Harry flipped through the tome and stopped at a picture of a large three story house with a wraparound porch half way up a forested hill with several barns and out buildings "This one." Hermione had ended up reverse cowboy astride Harry with his hands protectively cupping her breast. She leapt off Harry and they got sorted in a few moments.

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